REVIEW: Hellfighter Quin #1, Mad Cave Studios

The front cover of Hellfighter Quin #1, from Mad Cave Studios is a knockout. Literally a knockout, as we see the triumphant Quinlan Jones standing over his fight opponent. Let the bells ring!!

As we learn in the intro, Jones, aka the Hellfighter, is back, unwillingly. You see, there is a gem called the Azure Sun, and bad people want it. Quin is forced to fight for his life against some pretty rough baddies. And someone’s impersonating him!

Writer Jay Sandlin delivers the attitude and the dialogue here, as Hellfighter gets egged into battle. The tensions run high here!

The artist Atagun contributes plenty of visual drama to the mix: splash pages, angled panels, leaping figures. The figures are good, and the story’s progression is easy to follow.

Colourist Maria Santaolalla’s palette is richly rewardIng in deep colour. The environments, fight scenes and subterranean blues all ring true. Hellfighter Quin is off to a powerful start, so be sure to check out this issue!

Mad Cave Studios, Hellfighter Quin #1, $3.99 for 23 pages of content. Assume Teen+ rating

Reviewed by Alan Spinney @spinneyalan

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