Below is a listing of Independent Publishers that are leading the charge in providing opportunity and championing creator work, but have also worked with us in helping our efforts in Driving Creators!


An independent group of artists and writers based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, PLB Comics offers original concepts and fresh perspectives on the world of Sequential Art. Since 2006 they’ve been maintaining an appreciation of mainstream classics with a variety of self published hard hitting, gritty black and white comics.
Josh Shockley – Co-Founder
Mathew Shockley Co-Founder
James Dufendach Editor


Founded in 2016 Vault is a private and family owned label. Vault publishes original, creator-owned science fiction and fantasy comics. In the realm of science fiction and fantasy, creators can break the established order, dissolve conceptions of social identity, and give voices to the silenced.
Adrian WasselCCO & Editor-in-Chief
Damian WasselCEO & Publisher
Nathan GoodenArt Director
Damian Wassel Sr. President


Since 2011 Comixtribe has been a hybrid of comic publisher and creator resource. From putting out top end books to successfully running crowdfunding campaigns, Comixtribe covers all aspects of comic book publishing. Their mission: Creators helping creators make better comics.
Tyler JamesPublisher
Steven Forbes – EIC
Joe Mulvey – VP


Scout was launched in 2015 and focuses on both publishing and launching creator owned comics. With a focus on finding new talent the label is making a name for itself as a pipeline for creators to get their works to the larger comic community.
Brendan Deneen – CEO
James Pruett – CCO
James Haick IIIPresident


Founded in 2014 and pushing the boundaries of what comics can bring to readers, Made Cave isn’t afraid to be bold. It shows as they’ve amassed a rabid fan base in their few short years on the scene.
Mark London – CEO/COO
Gio Orozco – VP of Operations
Chris Fernandez Publisher


Mostly dealing with the darker side of things through horror, the supernatural, sci-fi, true-crime/pulp, and the occult SPP has been a poster example of independent comics since 2012.
Travis McIntireEIC
Joshua WernerCo-Founder


The UK publishing house has been churning out creator owned/family content since 2018 with an aim at bringing more kids to comics. They’ve partnered with the Little Heroes Charity to contribute comic making kits to hospitals and healthcare organizations.
Aaron Rackely – Founder
Tony Esmond – Editor
Tom Stewart – Editor
Ellie Egleton

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