What’s Kickin – SEP 2019

Miskatonic High #4

Fresh off of successfully funding the first three issues of the series, the Miskatonic High crew is back for the fourth installment. We've seen a field trip that was much more adventurous than a trip to a museum, found out that secrets can be unearthed anywhere, that having it all comes with a price, and now we'll be seeing just what a winner has to lose in order to protect his friends.

24 pages of full color goodness.

2 Days Left!

Le Fay #1

An urban fantasy/noir about Morgan le Fay in the modern world working as a detective for the secret magic underworld. After a battle with Merlin she woke up powerless in the modern world. Determined to get her powers back she has decided to work as a PI for the Fay World in order to find clues on what happened to her. Jessica Jones by way of sorcery.

32 pages of top notch art and rich colors present this intriguing concept.

4 Days Left!

Ship Wrecked Vol 4

the story of the Intergalactic Spaceship Bowie‘s Accounting Department. The comic follows a diverse team of misfits as they attempt to get through their work day without going mad. They’re not involved with any of the cool stuff happening on the ship but they still have a job to do and they’re going to find a way to do it before boredom takes their will to carry on.
24 pages of sci-fi office comedy.

5 Days Left!

The Adventures of Captain Cosmic #3

*Driving Creators Top Creator Published Books List 2018

The third installment of the Silver-Age inspired cosmic adventures of the Father/Daughter duo of Captain and Kid Cosmic. This issue sees the menace of the Phantom Spaceman! This galactic filled superhero epic is back for more!

20 (or more) pages of full colored cosmic adventure.

5 Days Left!

The Spark

A comics magazine for kids and adults alike. You’ll read about Monsters, Space Adventures, Alien Planets and an odd Robot Butler named Springworth. A project that will also benefit kids in long-term hospital care by supplying them with comic making kits to keep them from getting bored.

Ongoing magazine sized anthology comic for kids of all ages.

6 Days Left!

Death Sentence: Liberty #4

A mature themed adult comic of political intrigue, opression, and those with the power to do something about the world they live in. The only catch? Their powers are tied to an STD that'll kill them in six months.

28 full color pages of raw comic.

8 Days Left!

Responsive Design

What Fresh Hell Is This?

An indie comic anthology inspired by Dante's Inferno. It's rough making your way in show business. Everyone wants something from you, and no one is cutting you any breaks. Your boss is a real beast, and you're performing for the dregs of society.

100+ pages of hellacious comic.

8 Days Left!

Death Trap #1

Ollie is on a quest for revenge on the father-murdering bastards of Davenport Amusements. Together with her adopted circus sideshow freak family, she's got the pedal to the metal in her haunted muscle car and nothing but vengeance in her headlights. Rockabilly, Vaudeville, and Tarantino all smushed faces basically.

96 page graphic novel tier available.

9 Days Left!

20 Fists

It's Romeo & Juliet meets the Warriors. It's queer. It's all going to shit. The relationship forged in the arena of the unlicensed and illegal fight club has hit hard times.

35 pages of b/w love triumph.

9 Days Left!

Coronary Vol 1

Plastic surgery is free. London is gripped by madness, dominated by cosmetic surgeons, lifestyle coaches, and pill-pushers. On the run from cops and hitmen, an esoteric businessman sets to make amends while he still can. A Black Mirror Romeo & Juliet, if you will.

120 pages of full color Nip/Tuck-esque awesome.

12 Days Left!

Prometheus #4

Today's society has made it clear that the Flame of Knowledge has been stolen. Free of his own imprisonment for stealing it originally, Prometheus must find the flame and once again right humanity's ship in this titanic John Wick style approach to the Olympians.

20+ pages of full color God revenge.

17 Days Left!

Infinity Agents #2

This ongoing series focuses on three agents from a small, internationally funded organization called Infinite Borders Security Agency (IBSA), a secret group of operatives who investigate alien encounters on Earth or in space. In this second issue the agents encounter a lifeform that defies description, triggering a tragic course of events that will drastically change their lives and reveal the dangers of the Infinity Zone that threaten the entire universe!

24 pages of full color space time.

17 Days Left!

RAGMOP: The World Needs Laughter

A brand new cast of characters joins the fun as Ragmop takes the reader on a roller coaster ride through the history of comics, genetically modified foods, conspiracy theories, Art House cinema, Tex Avery cartoons and the Jack Kirby Centennial! All this and more in the most outrageously hilarious, action-filled story since the previous Ragmop!

175 pages of side splitting laughing at our own idiocy.

22 Days Left!

Death & Comics: Reincarnation

A collection of short comics all of which are related to death in some way. The stories span genres of romance, crime, horror, and satire. Some were used to explore the medium of comics, while others make a specific point with their content.

24 pages os short comic goodness.

22 Days Left!

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