KickstartING: What the LCS is Currently Backing

Ok, so I did a little ditty about the books I’ve previously backed over on Kickstarter.  Well, now it’s time to delve into what I’m currently backing … —–>BOOKS YOU CAN STILL SUPPORT!<—–

Phantom Hawk Returns – APOGEE COMICS
Ok, I’m a little biased as this is a company from SOOOUUTH Texas (even further South than I) so being Texan already makes them aces!  But seriously, take a look at the bookThis thing is a beaut!  I could easily see a “major” or “major indie” jock tag on the front of this thing.  The back story for the Phantom Hawk goes as such:  former SF Soldier, accused of treason, betrayed by the organization that made him, and trying to find out who set him up before the nanites in his blood kill him.  That’s a pretty decent hook.  Nick Garber and the gang at Apogee have something here IMO.  I jumped on it when I saw it and have discovered an entirely “new to me” publisher as a bonus!

I backed at the 25$ level to get WAR DRUMS along with the #1 issue of PHR!

Yeah so this one is nifty.  A curse that makes one immortal and grants the ability to kill with but a touch, HOWEVER said person has to be “evil” …
Sounds groovy eh?  Well those souls you take now reside in a prison that is in your head.  That, of course, is after you’ve decided what evil is, exactly, in the first place.  There’s LOTS to like about this (including a VOL 1 btw) story and it is a doozy.  I read about 1/3 of VOL 1 (link to FREE DIGITS over at the KS page) and came back and supported.
I backed at the 50$ level to get VOL 1 along with VOL 2 (and the digits version of both as well)
Page 3A super hero backdrop for very real concerns and issues in today’s society.  That’s what we’ve got with Elk Mountain.  Our hero is an immigrant and he’s got his own small town to champion.  This GN explores the relationship between the hero and the town.  What expectations exist and whether or not they’re realistic … and most importantly the fear of simply being that has crept into modern society.  Irrational thought, etc.  Though, this story also aims to turn that all on its head as Valor, the hero, goes missing after a battle and suddenly the town and its people are left to defend themselves …
I backed at the 28$ level to get the GN of Elk Mountain along with Duality (a sci-fi anthology by Clark) and digits of both.
Interior Art by Stan YakI’ve already read the story and LOVED IT.  See, Alterna published this series but now we’re getting a collected edition!  TOO EASY people.  Garrett Gunn gives us a raw, bare bone tale of revenge.  Steven Yak’s art more than fill the gaps and allow the writing to set everything up.  The balance is very well done.  This is proven even more so as you go further in and realize that the harshness of the new West, the story itself, dictated how it was written/drawn.  It is a tense affair and is straight forward in its premise.  Can’t wait to get it all together to sit down with.
I backed at the 30$ level to get the GN and sketch card (I have foregone the sketch card to get copies of the single issues of the book, though it appears that the sketch card will now be an auto-reward for physical backers) 
Another one I’ve read!  Alterna, by way of Eric Borden here, have done it again.  This is the second collected VOL for Scrimshaw (rewards available to get VOL 1 too).  
The ice caps melted.  Oceans rose.  Lots of land went missing.  War and government collapse ensued.  Who else to save the day but BIG CORP?!?!  Yeah, mankind almost went kaput.  This is a look at a possible future thanks to global warming, genetic/agricultural manipulation, and the super powers colliding.  It’s great.  I promise.
I backed at the 30$ level to get VOL 1 and VOL 2 as well as the Solis mini-comic!

Official Croak graphic novel cover drawn by Adam Gorham and colored by Mike SpicerYou’re looking at a GHASTLY AWARD WINNING SERIES here!  Seriously, Cody Sousa has turned out a great little horror romp that doesn’t simply borrow and repackage your typical tropes but actually gives something a little different to all of us horror fans.That doesn’t mean it doesn’t borrow classic elements (kids camping, stuff goes wrong, uh oh) but those familiar elements being toyed with is what makes this one a little extra creepy.  Loved it and now can’t wait to get it all together!
I pledged at the 50$ level to get the GN, 3 issues in print, the 3 issue Sonitus series in print, CROAK print set, CROAK cover print set, Marco Roblin pin up print, and the CROAK GN/issues on digits.



Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe – DWIGHT L MacPHERSON (JUNE 1)


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