Full Frontal Friday – CAP!

In celebration of Independence Day this week’s FFF Feature is of the one and only Captain America!  The good ‘ol Red, White, and Blue is on display!

Captain America #1 (Parillo)

What we’ve got here is an update on the classic image.  Steve Rogers, CAPTAIN AMERICA, holding up ‘ol Glory.  The shield is there, the uniform is the sleek and poignant CAP look, his mask is off showing the world that he is indeed back and he is indeed CAP, and the flag is frayed and tattered just like CAP himself is.  He’s coming out of, to understate it, a very bad spell and has quite a bit to make up for.  This is a good start.  Parillo does a very nice job updating the portrait picture of Steve.  There’s a new day dawning for the symbolic hero and there’s no better way to have the sun rise, than with an image that’ll instill confidence as it has for decades.

Captain America: Living Legend #1 (Granov)

Image result for captain america virgin art coverHis origins go back to WWII and we’ve been given revisited looks into that past through recent books and the movies.  One of the updates on the origin that has kept, is the look of his WWII uniform.  It’s befitting of a man that underwent an experiment and came out the other end as something more than just a normal Joe.  It is still time period appropriate and resonates with the Military feel and production it would have come from.  It is still a very striking presence and rightly so.  Again the poster look is captured beautifully.  This time Granov hits the nail on the head and even gives us a bit more to the image.  Behind CAP there’s the rays of light … of the hope that CAP helped bring to generations of Americans.
 Captain America #600 (Ross)
Related imageIt’s all there.  Looming in the background are the constant threats (and what a hell of a bit of foreshadowing with Cap himself back there eh?).  Also behind him is his supporting cast.  While the sentinel of Liberty, CAP has needed more than his fair share of help and has had zero issue admitting or accepting it.  One of the biggest, and perhaps most striking, things about CAP is his resilience.  He never quits on himself or on anyone else.  It is the embodiment of that Spirit that lives in all of us that is the singularly most imposing facet of CAP.  Ross puts that aura on full display here.  Relentless pursuit of the good permeates this image.  The oncoming CAP, Shield throttling right at the danger and leading the way.  No matter the circumstances he’s coming and he’s not stopping unless you put him down.

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