Full Frontal Friday – Awesome Images

Our first two editions of FULL FRONTAL FRIDAY were artist spotlights.  This time around I’m just going with some awesome friggin images.  We’ve got a major publisher, the biggest indie publisher, and one of the hottest newer publishers in the game featured this week.  So let’s get to the full frontal eh?

Spider Gwen #32 Bengal Virgin Art

This is ridiculous.  I’m cheating a bit as this is coming to the masses in late June, but I honestly don’t give a hoot.  This is an amazing cover.  BENGAL is the artist and I’m new to the work as either I really did just discover OR didn’t realize what I was looking at.  Either way, holy hell.  The perspective is bonkers good.  I stared at this image for several minutes in awe, to be honest.  On top of the perspective we’ve got the depth/curvature of the blade on both axis, the hint of Gwen’s eye through the mask, and reflection of the neon light (with thumb/sword shadow interruption) bouncing off the clearly polished blade.  Oh, and then that detail on the handle of the other sword.  Get out.  Un-damn-real.  This is wonderful.   

Spawn #284 
Um yeah.  An actual demon-esque Spawn!  Yeah he’s been through all that before but hot damn.  This cover hearkens back to the very first issue.  The classic ‘coming at you’ hero type pose of issue one is traded in for a darker and much more sinister interpretation of the character.  BUT, that famous green energy comes through and pops just like it did originally.  The grand cape flare and the familiar skulls and chains are also well noted.  The intent of the “new look” seems clear.  Rather than pointed and direct, the ‘energy’ is more confluent and permeating.  The eyes especially give light to the whole concept.  THIS is a bad ass looking Spawn, and one that is much more visually representative of what comes to mind when thinking of the premise of the character.  Francesco Mattina does lovely work and this is a prime example of it. 

Baby Teeth #1 EH Variant

What a chilling cover befitting the absolutely terror driven story it sits atop.  The most precious gift in life, bringing new life into the world, is given a horrific twist.  Hello, your baby is the anti-Christ.  This cover depicts the essence and underbelly of the darkness behind the premise in a masterful fashion.  Every bit of the fear and dread inspiring aura of the devil is on display with this depiction of the being.  Clearly strong there is still a necessary care and softness in cradling the baby (devil spawn it may be).  It’s quite something to keep the menacing and overbearing stature of a presence such as the Devil but still manage to bring across an element of nurturing to the caress of the newborn.  Great job and absolutely brilliant cover by Nat Jones.

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