In the last few years we’ve seen a slew of new indie publishers enter the comic realm. With attention spans lasting less than a second and the speculation sector once again trying to crash the whole damn party, Ahoy Comics has quickly made a name for itself by doing something so outlandish that it worked. They put out good comics. Yes, I know. Crazy concept yeah? Well they dared to do it and have excelled thus far. Admittedly there’s a fresh approach employed by Ahoy that … well, borrows directly from comic’s past! That’s right folks. Ahoy has masterfully crafted a comic book for today by amalgating so much of what we loved about comics from yesterday and stuffing it between the covers along with fantastic stories of their own. You will be quite hard pressed to NOT find a title that suites you under their banner. Below I highlight some of my favorites from their lineup:

Dragonfly & Dragonfly Man

A perfect showcase for what Ahoy is doing is this series right here. A throwback to the caped crusading do-gooders of yesteryear, this book landed on our favorites of 2019 list. The first two volumes are phenomenal. It illustrates the combination of today and yesterday quite strikingly by essentially telling a shared story of Adam West era Batman and the Jon Bernthal Punisher character being the same character but from different worlds. Yes, there’s classic campy caped crusading alongside vigilante justice dealing all made possible with a little sci-fi/magic chicanery.

In short, it has it all. Thankfully we’re scheduled for a third installment come January 2021.


Cats. Cats rule the roost and it is the most gloriously hilarious book on shelves in some time. Rather than just paint humans as cats in a cheap sci-fi set up, this book gives us actual cats and it is brilliant. Soaring the starways in their ship, the feline brigade led by the titular character is searching for other evolved felines. Between the infighting, dirty litter boxes, and killing of mice the efforts to herd this band of felines are serious in nature even though hilarity ensues. The double nature of this book hits perfectly on both tones. It’s comedy gold as well as an excellent sci-fi epic. The cats are trying to figure things out before their resources run out.

A race against time … potentially derailed by a hairball. What more could you want?


Ever wondered how BIFF from BTTF would do in today’s Nerd ruled world? Welp, we’ve got a pretty good view of things in this book. An accidental cryogenic freezing of three typical 80s jock head types lands them in 2019 upon their unfreezing. Everything they know is upside down and backwards. There’s plenty of the expected tropes but also a good story underlining the nostalgic/present day mash up of geekdom. There’s a harsh reality that slaps the biggest biff of the bunch square on the nose too.

It’s loads of fun and very well done. A yesteryear romp courtesy of today’s flipped coin.

These three are just the tip of the iceberg at Ahoy. My personal favorites of the bunch thus far certainly don’t encompass all that they’re offering for comic readers. Perhaps the most well done book overall, Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror perfectly encapsulates what Ahoy is capable of as a publisher. Dead, drunk, and alone the famed author has been sized down to merely introducing horror stories in this anthology. This is an ode of sorts to both Tales from the Crypt type mags of the golden age as well as the crass adult humor mags like Mad and Cracked … a dash of Drunk History seems to be in there too. Meanwhile Penultiman takes the harshness that life deals folks and tosses it on a Superman type. Truly out of place he’s caught between where man wants to go and being ahead of where he is. Rather than fall into attempt #1000 at being an archetype book, it brings forward an excellent tale about the battle of feeling deserved and deserving of.

Take a gander for yourself here folks: https://comicsahoy.com/series
Ahoy Comics has brought some masterful books to the shelves and show no signs of slowing down. Thoughtful and innovative, their new but old but new approach to comics is delightfully fresh. You’ll certainly recognize plenty of the creators and I highly doubt you won’t find more than one book you like. While satirical and tongue in cheek, they’re not afraid to tackle issues head on (Second Coming – Billionaire Island – Happy Hour). I highly urge you to check out Ahoy folks.


One THOUSAND of y’all! Hot damn. Huge thanks to all of you that have come into our corner of the comic book community. It’s been a fantastic ride thus far and we’re looking forward to where things go from here. To thank y’all we’ve cooked up a pretty damn special giveaway! We’ve taken some creator funded/published goodies from our FAVORITE BOOKS OF 2019 to share with a lucky one of you!

Unfortunately this has to be limited to US followers only. Normal shipping outside of the US has become insane, let alone for a package of this size. HOWEVER we want to do SOMETHING for you international followers! So, we’ve decided that we will also select someone from outside of the US to work with to get 25$ worth of books, a gift card, or SOMETHING (we’ll figure it out).

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Some signed, some extras, and likely another book or two will be in the final package!

What’s Kickin

Hello folks! Time for another WHAT’S KICKIN! We’ve got a little preview of SIX projects currently funding on Kickstarter that we feel are more than worth your time and pledge. Take a moment and do a little window shopping here and then head on over to the projects for a full on look at the goods!

NEXT DOOR: A Neo-Noir Crime Comic

A neo-noir story of paranoia, privilege, and walking the dog gone wrong.

Next Door is the debut comic for writer/journalist Zack Quaintance, and the second Kickstarter for artist Pat Skott (The Space-Wolf). They’re joined by star colorist Ellie Wright (Bettie Paige, James Bond) and star letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (Black Stars AboveJoin The Future). It’s 30+ pages of crime comics meets the housing crisis, told through the dual perspective of a trendy privileged couple moving into an “up and coming” neighborhood…and the long-time residents they’re pushing out. This neo-noir tale has hints of The Dregs, some BTTM FDRS, and just a bit of Stray Bullets.
Funding through SEPT 4th

Knights vs. Pirates

The search for a legendary relic ignites a battle between two of the most fearsome warriors of all time.

On a quest from God, King Arthur has dispatched three of his most trusted Knights to search for the Holy Grail. Unfortunately for the King, he is not the only one that seeks the sacred prize.  The King of the Britons will be tested like never before. He will put his life on the line for the sake of his country and for the sake of his people. The infamous pirate Blackbeard is on the hunt for the ultimate power, power that will allow him to rule over the seven seas for all of time. But, his reward won’t come easy. Blackbeard will have to use all of his cunning and brutality if he has any hope to defeat some of the greatest warriors that the world has ever seen. Written by Jay Martin, art by Chris Imber and colors by Chris Jenkins.
Funding through SEPT 7th

Ninja Nuns: Bad Habits Die Hard

The Metalshark Bro Spin-Off the world has been waiting for! The Ninja Nuns are here to cast out the wicked in this 40-page one-shot.

WHO ARE THE NINJA NUNS! MSB fans from all over the world clamored for more stories, more adventures staring the Church’s swift arm of justice that protected the flock from the gathering wolves! So Metalshark Bro co-creators Kevin Cuffe and Bob Frantz put their heads together and cooked up a few ideas for short stories. The duo invited Metalshark Bro editor Chas! Pangburn (who is a great writer) to submit a story and wa-la! The dudes had 30 some odd pages of Ninja Nun Stories broken into 4 short stories. Scripts are cool but ART is better! Kevin, Chas, and Bob contacted a few of their favorite artists (Tony Gregori, Josh Jensen, Dann Franco, Gabriel Calfa, Angela Sprecher,and John Bergin) and BAM! They got themselves a comic book.
Funding through SEPT 9th


Over 30 comic creators come together to create the finale to a mech anime that never existed!

It is the dying days of the 10 Years War between Earth and space colony Saturn Sigma. With resources dwindling, the desperate Saturn Sigma forces press their advance against the weakening Earth Federation Alliance. Ace Ringer Fuku Basara has become disillusioned by this years long strife against the EFA.  After defeating their rival Jester Rollins, Fuku steals away with their best friend and giant mech, BG-BY. They are tired of fighting in a war they didn’t sign up for and want to fight for themself…but the wounds of war take long to heal and Fuku will not be able to outrun the ripple effect of their actions. Featuring the talents of:
AHG – C. Thomas Anderson – Julia Cartales – Dave Chisholm – Alex Delgado – Sachi Ediriweera
Ivan Fiorelli – Minerva Fox – Colm Griffin – Rupam Grimoeuvre – Henry Guerra – Matt Harding
Matthew Harrower – Salvador Hernandez Jr – DC Hopkins – Fell Hound – John Jack – Liana Kangas
Jonathan La Mantia – Fabian Lelay – Danny Lore – Elizabeth Malette – Adam Markiewicz – Mike McGhee
Gary Moloney – Dan Morison – Jenny Odio – Skylar Patridge – Sebastián Píriz – Simone Ragazzoni
Benjamin Sawyer – Shaun Sunday – Artyom Trakhanov
Funding through SEPT 16th

THE O.Z. #1 – A Fantasy Classic Reimagined for Comics

Haunted by her past, a disillusioned Iraq war veteran must survive the war-torn land of Oz.

Decades ago, when a young girl defeated the Wicked Witch of the West, she said farewell to the magical land of Oz… but unwittingly plunged the country in a vicious power vacuum leading to years of brutal civil war. But a generation later, the name of Dorothy Gale lives on in her granddaughter, an Iraq war veteran grappling with disillusionment and PTSD — yet when a tornado strikes Dorothy’s quiet Kansas town, this former soldier finds herself in the war-torn battlefield known only as The O.Z. Forced to navigate warring factions led by the Tin Soldier, the Scarecrow, and the Courageous Lion, Dorothy must come to terms with her legacy and her past if she ever hopes to bring peace to the Occupied Zone. Brought to you by David Pepose, Ruben Rojas, Whitney Cogar, and DC Hopkins.
Funding through SEPT 16th
We spoke with David Pepose about the project, have a listen here:

God Puncher Vol. 1 “Tim Finnly: Wanted!”

A TPB of the comic God-Puncher!

From artist and writer, Lane Lloyd, God-Puncher is a high octane, off the wall Fantasy-Comedy about a man named Tim Finnly, the titular ”God-Puncher.” Betrayed by the gods he protected, Tim Finnly now hunts them down with his talking fists. This kickstarter is to fund a collection of the first five issues of God-Puncher. In this arc, Tim Finnly is being hunted by his arch nemesis, the lord of time, Syrem. Tim not only has to worry about Syrem, he now has to worry about an entire nation out for his head! He’ll need all the help he can get from a few strange characters if he hopes to make it out of this alive. 
Funding through SEPT 24th

Kickstarter Spotlight: Commander RAO

From: Fell Hound (story/art) and Lettersquids (letters/logo)

Set in a sci-fi future after a decade of warfare against the despot Baron Klaus, a rogue embittered soldier decides to storm the Baron’s manor and kill him herself. A year later, stories are sung of her heroism, but the mystery of her motives remain. Thus begins the tale of COMMANDER RAO, a thrilling fast-paced action comic of how violence begets violence, and how all the heroics of warfare are meaningless in the eyes of what has been lost. According to Fell Hound “Commander Rao is a 28-page dystopian one-shot told through blazing action and minimal dialogue. Inspired by animated fight scenes from shows such as Legend of Korra and Castlevania, the aim was to create a unique, cinematic action comic with a focus on flow and dynamism; while still telling a deeply personal story of broken friendships and survivor’s guilt. It’s a bit sci-fi John Wick with grappling hooks and a comic for anyone who enjoys sci-fi/dystopian genres, intense action sequences and character driven narratives.” I’m not sure about you folks, but sci-fi dystopia with a John Wickish lead running around splashing Legend of Korra and Castlevania type action on the pages? Yup, I’m in. It is very clear from the preview art (hang tight for two EXCLUSIVE pages) that Fell has captured the dynamism she was after in the approach to the action sequences. From what we can see this is shaping up as an excellent display of Fell’s ability. The entire tone and structure stands in contrast to her work with Do You Believe in an Afterlife? (our review linked below). In terms of her portfolio it is a perfect partner piece to that in regards to showing off the range and capabilities of her art. Because of the stark difference in approach that Fell has taken with Commander Rao I reached out to her to get some details on this new project:

Where/how did this story originate?

My portfolio had been lacking some action scenes, so my original intention was to make a short action comic to practice. I used to have a sketchbook of random sci-fi soldiers and designs that I didn’t want to go to waste as well. Commander Rao’s signature look ended up being a mix of those early soldier designs, with some inspiration after Lady Maria from Bloodborne and French Revolution fashion.
At the same time while I was brainstorming ideas for this action short, I was writing an outline to a different dystopian war story. Eventually as I was working on both comics the ideas began to crossover and I decided to expand my short comic into a full one-shot. Thus began what I’ve been calling “Dystopian War Project” – a series of two one-shots that include Commander Rao and its upcoming prequel comic!

From the preview art and description the focus is on
the action to tell the story. Was this a choice from the
get go or did it develop as you started working on it?

Yup! My main priority for Commander Rao was always to draw a visually striking action comic and push my art a little. A few years ago, my friend and I were discussing action in films. He mentioned how action in a lot of films these days featured very quick cuts, sometimes to the point he felt they were losing focus and becoming nauseating. Whereas in some older films where the action had longer cuts, he was better able to appreciate the flow and choreography better.
I thought about what he said and wanted to apply that into my own comics work. Instead of a fight scene collage I wanted a fight scene that flowed and made people appreciate the movement from one panel to the next. I didn’t want the action to lose momentum as the pages turned.

The synopsis itself begs this question, just how much have you packed into this 28 page one shot?

To be honest this is a one-shot that treats itself like an animated 10-minute short film. It was developed from the ground up as a short story that expanded to a slightly bigger story rather than a grand epic scaled down. Action aside, it’s very narrative focused, character driven and light on exposition. Most of the story is told in real-time as we follow Rao through her rampage across the Baron’s property. Whenever I write I like to keep things succinct and remind myself: simple is best. That doesn’t mean the story won’t have some surprises, but I tried not to add in anything that would take away focus.

How far flung in the future are we in Commander Rao? 

Commander Rao takes place in the year 2X74 😉 So I’d say just far enough that they’ve invented rocket boots and 50 ft tank-mechs haha!

While a one-shot, is there more to the tale of Commander Rao?

Oh yes! Commander Rao was developed to be a one-shot that while standalone, is “part one” of a much deeper story about the crux of the narrative: a heart-wrenching tale of friendship. It is my hope that Commander Rao can introduce the characters and their relationships in an engaging way while still making people curious. And then we will eventually go back in time to the prequel where those relationships are expanded upon and some burning questions can be finally answered.

Just how big of a glimpse of the bigger world will we get?

When it comes to worldbuilding I prefer the art to tell itself. While there are mentions of bigger world events, much of that is no longer the focus of Rao’s interests. For example, “The War”, which at the start of Commander Rao is standing on its last legs, serves as a background catalyst for the characters current circumstances but is never the forefront. For this particular chapter of Rao’s story, Rao has a very singular goal that narrows her worldview dramatically, and the comic very much reflects that perspective. The war will have a more important part to play in the prequel to come. But for now, Rao’s one-woman mission against the Baron takes the spotlight.

There you have it folks! Commander Rao looks to be a fantastic new crowd-funded project. I loved the work from fell that I dove into previously and this is giving me every reason to be excited about taking in even more! Click below to get alerted when the campaign kicks off!


Fell Hound is a queer, Asian-Canadian cartoonist from Toronto, most notable for her bold cinematic style and use of lighting. She began her work in various fan zines and anthologies before launching her debut narrative zine Do You Believe in an Afterlife? in 2019 (our review here). Between Commander Rao, she is currently working on two anthology comics to be published by Boston Comics Roundtable later this year.  

LetterSquids is a letterer and graphic designer who has worked on several amazing indie comics, including projects with Scout, Action Lab, Advent Comics, Insight Comics and many others. His comic Antares Finest (with art by ErrorBound) won the titles of “Best Comic” and “Best Lettering” on r/comicbookcollabs’ 2019 Untold Worlds Anthology.   

KICKSTARTER SPOTLIGHT: Democritus Brand and the Endless Machine

You good folks know we love us some creator published goodness. Well, right now on Kickstarter one of our absolute favorite writers has a campaign for the first two (of a planned six) issues of Democritus Brand and the Endless Machine. For this series Cullen Bunn has teamed with JimmyZ Johnston (writers), Federico de Luca (art), Simon Bowland (letters), Gary Bedell (logo), and Baldemar Rivas (variant cover). We got in touch with Cullen to find out more about the project and what’s in store. Immediately he had a surprise for us!

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time! It is greatly appreciated.
Cullen Bunn: Hey there! I had JimmyZ Johnston, my co-writer, come in on some of these, too! Thank you! The support means the world to us!

Let’s start with the creative team and how it came together …
CB: Jimmy and I have known each other for a long time now. We used to go to horror writer conventions years ago. And Jimmy was the editor on my prose middle reader horror novel, CROOKED HILLS. To put it mildly, Jimmy’s crazy as Hell, but he’s my kind of crazy. He dreams big, comes up with wild ideas. We’ve done a few comics together, and we’ve been kicking around the idea for a steampunk/horror adventure for some time. I don’t even remember how Federico and I first got in touch, but I really liked his art style, and I wanted to do a book with him. It took a little while to find it, but DEMOCRITUS BRAND AND THE ENDLESS MACHINE seemed right up his alley. Simon Bowland is doing the letters for us. I’ve worked with Simon on numerous projects and I know he’s great at what he does. He was the first person I contacted about lettering these books.
(cover to left is the regular cover)

Ok, so the description of the book is “Cosmic Horror in the Steampunk Era,” what led you to combine these two genres for this tale?
JimmyZ Johnston: Cosmic horror is something that I have been a fan of for as long as I can recall. Steampunk has fascinated me ever since I picked up the Girl Genius books from Phil Foglio (back when they were single copy books!) The question of what makes good horror is one I have asked for years. And one answer I always come back to is normalcy. For me the best horror stories are ones that take a normal setting and incorporate horror elements into it. Alien was an amazing sci-fi movie with a normal sci-fi setting. Adding the horror element to it made it perfect movie. For the book we created, taking a normal steampunk setting and adding in the horror elements is something that I hope sets it apart. 
CB: I started thinking about how the world became this steampunk dystopia. I wondered how such a technological revolution might have occured in a short period of time. The origins of the steampunk society–this mysterious mummy that was discovered just 20 years earlier–took us in some truly horrific directions. 

You’re no stranger to and certainly don’t shy away from the outlandish or unusual type of story. How far out there is Democritus Brand?

CB: This is a weird story, I won’t lie. We start out in what appears to be a fairly traditional steampunk adventure tale. There’s hijinks and daring-do and marvelous gadgets aplenty. As the story progresses, though, questions start to rise. Questions about humanity’s place in the world. Questions about cosmic forces that watch over us and play with us for their amusement. It’s a fun and haunting tale, I think, and what’s great is that when Jimmy and I work together, it’s a completely different voice and style of comic!

Did the combination of genres allow you to stretch the Cullen style that many are used to, in terms of what type of story we can expect?
CB: Yes, that allowed me to do some different things for sure. More than that, though, working with a co-writer moves the story in some different directions and gives the book a different kind of “voice.” You’ll see that it is a Cullen Bunn book, but you’ll also see that it is a JimmyZ book. And a Federico book, for that matter. I feel like it’s different from everything else I’ve ever done.
There’s a certain tone that comes with the term “cosmic horror” but the setting provides a unique outlet for it. How were you able to merge the two for this series?
JZ: Taking the Steampunk world into the lore of ancient Egypt let us play with the idea of the unknown with the idea that it has been here longer than we can imagine. Fusing cosmic horror with Egyptian mythology was a key aspect to the world building. The steampunk setting lets us forge a new path. It’s often said that there are no new stories. What excites readers (and creators) is taking elements and merging them in ways that create a uniqueness in storytelling.
How much re-imagining was needed in order to get the two very different stylistic approaches to come together?
JZ: I have always felt that the best stories come from the mingling of genres. Cullen and I talked a lot about the direction the world could go. Having our team as explorers allows us to branch out beyond the expectations of the genres. One aspect to the story we are telling that I think readers will enjoy is that both Cullen and I tend to approach any project with the intention of moving beyond the cliche expectations. So we were really starting with the idea of what would a steampunk world be like if I created it. And what would it be like if Cullen created it. Then we had the amazing artistic talent of Fede who took the concepts we were playing with and turned them into visual representations that added even more depth to the project.CB: What’s fun about world-building for me is that there is a moment where everything just “clicks” and falls into place. Once that happens, the world, the setting, the tone just comes together so smoothly. Merging the two genres was an exercise in world-building. Steampunk is baked into the world’s makeup. And the cosmic horror elements are baked into the steampunk elements, though you may not realize that right away. When the pieces fell into place for this story, it was electric. Well… steam-powered, at least. 

So how familiar will the aesthetic of this project be? 
CB: Federico is bringing his A game to this story, and he is leaning into some of the more familiar aesthetics of the steampunk genre. Of course, when the horror elements start manifesting, he’s taking the look and feel of the steampunk era in the most horrifying directions imaginable. That will turn things on its ear rather quickly.  
Did this combination of elements open anything up for you creatively? 
JZ: Every project brings with it new creative challenges and opportunities. The steampunk world does allow a variety of new ideas that aren’t ones that can be explored in more traditional world building. The horror elements tend to be floating around inside my head at all times, so letting them out to play just feels natural.
CB: Most certainly! We are playing in new territory for me… and it’s thrilling! Lots of new ideas–maybe too many new ideas–have been flooding into my head with this project. We could tell stories about this world for a long time to come!
Was their fluidity in what the end product was, versus at the start, once the creative team was together and involved in getting the project done?
JZ:  Cullen and I have known each other for almost 20 years now. When he was writing prose, I worked with him as an editor. The creative process for us with cowriting is one that is fairly seamless. The largest obstacle we encountered with this was me finding balance between writing time and day to day business time at the shop. It is interesting (for me) how the KickStarter project has changed the nature of it. Up until the time of launch there was a whole lot of isolation in the creative process. Seeing the response as readers are exposed to the project and begin backing it offers a lot of validation to the job of being a creator. CB: I feel like this has always been a very fluid process, really, from the initial brainstorming meetings through the scripts. It’s always been fun for me. It’s never been a “pulling teeth” scenario. 

What do you hope will be the takeaway from this series?
CB: As always, I really want readers to have fun with the book. There’s a lot going on in these pages. A lot to enjoy on every page. I think folks are really gonna dig this one. 
JZ: This initial foray into the world of Democritus Brand will be the launching point allowing us to further explore the world. Adding in new characters and trials for the current team. While the Endless Machine may be the first encounter readers have with Democritus Brand, it won’t be the last.
Again, thank you so much for taking the time!
CB: Thanks so much!

HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to Cullen Bunn for taking the time to entertain the questions AND for bringing in co-writer JimmyZ to answer with him! That was a nice surprise. Finde out more about the campaign, see for yourself what all the hullabaloo is about, and back the project: DEMOCRITUS BRAND AND THE ENDLESS MACHINE

Get in touch with the creative team:
Cullen Bunn @cullenbunn
JimmyZ Johnston @jimmyzjohnston
Federico de Luca @kere6
Simon Bowland @simonbowland