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Below are current crowdfunding efforts and books from creators to help get us through the current state of affairs.  We all need some help right now and comics are the perfect way for us to remain a community while having to be physically separated.  

Take a look at the projects being funded as well as the books being offered (many for FREE) by creators.  Support how/if you can and REMEMBER the creators that have offered up goodies for us.  

THANK YOU to the creators that have given ...

Currently Crowdfunding

Quality projects from creators and indie publishers that you can support right now!

White Ash

An epic tale of fantasy, horror, and forbidden romance.

Piece of Mind

Sci-Fi dystopian story of VR addiction and the world that allows it.

Two Swords Till Mercy

A Medieval tale of bloody revenge.


An all-new large-format one-shot about an intergalactic bounty hunter.

20 Fists

A queer/messy action drama about finding who you are & what you want in life (in an illegal fist fight league).

The Junction

Lucas has come home, 12 years after disappearing. Silent. Haunted. And still 11 years old.

mashbone & grifty

Hilarious adventures of the dumbest detectives around conclude in the season finale.


A 32 page adventure! Legend confronts the threat to the Earth and his past.


Aliens invade Earth on a dare and the call for heroes goes out.... It was a wrong number.

FREE BOOKS!  These creators are giving you some FREE goodies!

Tony Gregori

In a dystopian future the world is ruled by robots, which is something Porkchop cannot abide by!

rich douek

A high-adrenaline fantasy adventure, set in the dark future of mankind.

Mario Candelaria

1953 LA, a woman struggles to end an affair with a married restaurateur as her fiancé returns from war.

Lane Lloyd

Betrayed, his arms taken by Gods, Tim Finnly finds powerful talking gauntlets and now he punches back.

Eric Palicki

An absolute tank of a writer, Eric Palicki is offering up a bevy of his works for folks during this period of physical distancing.  Along with the hit No Angel, he's giving out:

Red Angel Dragnet VOL1
Orphans 1-5
Fake Empire VOL1
Corduroy One
A taste of the All We Ever Wanted anthology

... and a couple of other goodies.  He is always helping both fellow creators and we, the readers/fans.  In this crazy time he's more than stepped up and shown once again just how good of a person he is.  Take the time to check out the works he's generously offered up here.  Then find a way to support ... click the button below and in his own words:

David Gallaher

From the creator of the highly popular Only Living Boy series comes over 700 pages of content FOR FREE to read while stuck inside.  Not only can you either introduce yourself to, or get caught up on The Only Living Boy, you can check out:

The Only Living Girl
High Moon
Box 13

... these are proven titles with substantial followings already.  This is big for us readers to have something like this offered up during this time. Take the opportunity people.  Click that button below and dig in.

Fraser Campbell

If you're on of the readers/fans that regularly backs crowdfunding efforts there's a really good chance you've come across Fraser's stuff.  Highly successful campaigns through Kickstarter are kind of his thing.  Right now his thing is offering up some Cabal Comics goodies:

Alex Automatic #1
Sleeping Dogs
The Edge Off

You'll be hard pressed to find a more consistent output of quality work folks.  There's a good chance you'll find a new favorite creator produced book here.  Hit that button below and see what I'm fussing about.

Umar Ditta

Umar is another creator offering up more than one book.  Along with the successfully crowdfunded LAD there's some short stories, the Untethered Trilogy, and some bonus goodies.

Brentt Harshman

On top of the current KS above, Brentt is giving you his short comics.

Kurt Belcher

Kurt has quite the lineup of books available and he's giving out loads of pages through several of his works.  Trades, a GN, and his story from the Broken Frontier anthology + more.

Matthew Rosenberg


WE CAN NEVER GO HOME #1. 2 teenagers, a mixtape, a stolen car, a loaded .45, & strange abilities.

Bob Q!


Most of the comics I make on my own are VERY silly and fun diversions. Because things are dumb and stressful, have them for free.

Zac Thompson


A homeless noir with cannibalism - THE DREGS #1

Two minds vie for control of one body - COME INTO ME #1

Matthew Rosenberg


4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK #1. The story of 4 children who make bad choices. Friendship, family, growing up, and grand larceny.

Dan Whitehead


Here's my entire Frankenstein Texas graphic novel for you to download and enjoy.

Christopher Nolan


Skullkickers Vol. 1
Wayward Vol. 1
for free:

Free First Issues

Since folks are trying to stay home more, then we need some more entertainment. Mad Cave Studios hasgot your back. Read #1 issues for free! If you like them, get in touch with your RETAILER to order the rest of the series.

Comic Retailer Relief Fund

The comic industry is going through something unprecedented & local comic shops are the most affected. In order to help them, we have created the GoFundMe Page Relief for U.S. Comic Book Retailers to help relieve financial stress.

Free 14 day trial to Comichaus app and a further free month using code: STAYSAFE

Click the PICS below for more free goodies!

Ken Reynolds

Jack Foster

Andy Conduit-Turner

Gustaffo Vargas

Mike Garley

Dave Cook

Nick Bryan

Joey Esposito

Finger Guns

Image result for finger guns #1 vault comics

Justin Richards – Val Halvorson – Rebecca Nalty – Taylor Esposito

Remember when you were anticipating pretty much every new series that IMAGE was putting out because they’d hit such a hot streak of quality (or Vertigo/Valiant’s relaunch for that matter)? Well this is where we stand with Vault Comics. While not every title they’ve released will appeal to everyone by virtue of subject matter there is an undeniable aspect to every Vault book. The quality is astounding. Next up for the publisher is Finger Guns and, just as all of its brothers and sisters in the Vault library have done, it brings quality comic booking to us readers.

The direction of Finger Guns follows suit with Vault’s approach of unabashedly forcing the comic medium to better in all fronts. Publishers, creators, and readers alike all need to be able to tackle true to life issues without being preachy, or afraid to address reality. This is what we’ve got with FG. The opening of the book does just this and does so with hardly a single line of dialogue. The ego (or lack of) of the teen ages is perfectly summized here. It’s actually a very nice juxtaposition with the more mature take that the book has as a whole. Emotional complexity is an inherent aspect of life. Our demeanor and actions carry the weight of this complexity. They also affect those around us. Simply put, this is the context of Finger Guns. What I love about the presentation of the idea is the childish (in both age and maturity meanings) symbolism of the finger gun itself. Harmless games and fun times by children generation after generation include some version of a finger gun. The ignorance of age (not stupidity) may not be better represented than with the finger gun motion/act. There is a wonderful innocence when the true implication of something simply isn’t known. Unfortunately time, age, and knowledge end up corrupting the pure being we all start out as. We see that in Wes. One of the two main characters, Wes doesn’t come from a good place. Emotionally deprived and generally neglected overall he finds that his finger gun has a bad side effect. What has to be from projection, the targets of his aim end up with an unexplainable rage for a truncated time. Point – Click – Pissed. Just like that. I say projection because he literally walks about town firing off his newfound piss people off bullets. Of course the complexity of human emotion wouldn’t let things be this easy for Wes. An outlet for his emotional trauma it may be his weapon of anger and frustration won’t be unchecked. Instead he encounters Sade. At least on the onset it’s a Yin – Yang situation. Like Wes she’s got fingers that fire. With her though people are subdued and washed over with calm.

Themes aplenty run through this book. Emotional manipulation, how we cope with emotional trauma, the inter and intrapersonal choices we make, and how we view the world through our emotional spectrum are just a few themes that jump off the page. The commonality Wes and Sade have can either endear themselves to one another or drive an unscalable wall between them. It’s that emotional complexity thing again. Wes’ situation has caused him to internalize everything and lash out. Sade has chosen to seek out what she can’t get with her situation. As this series develops I wouldn’t be surprised to see new levels of anger, jealousy, spitefulness and a few other emotions rear their heads.

Visually Finger Guns accentuates the premise it is fielding. Not literally black and white, the heavily two toned approach more than gets across the intent. It came off to me as a representation of Wes and Sade’s respective auras and the interaction between them and their interaction with the world. The lettering flows with the art and constructs as it needs to in a very flattering manner. As with all Vault titles this book is very well put together structurally. I’m looking forward to how the ever more complex nature of the relationships and understanding are played out and visually portrayed.

This is an absolute SOLID debut issue.

TKO Wave 2

After a highly successful launch with their wave one books, TKO is back with their second batch of titles. As with the first go ’round the second ride around the block features their innovative approach to releasing their titles. Recognizing the mixed readership and the layered approach to both reading and collecting TKO decided to address and engage comic fans by giving them options in their purchases. Are you an old school collector or like to digest your stories a chapter at a time (or when you can)? Too easy, they’ve got a nifty box that houses the entirety of a title in single issue format. Do you just want the goods? Cool, nab the oversized trade and get it all at once. Are you a bit of both or a completist? Nab them both! If you’re worried about the creative teams you can rest assured that these books have some of the best creators working in comics today. Garth Ennis, Joshua Dysart, Dan Mcdaid, and Artyom Trakhanov are just some of the names that worked on the first wave of books. This second wave features creatives such as Ming Doyle, Jeff Lemire, Natalie Chaidez, Nik Virella, and Jordie Bellaire. There’s no shortage of “name” talent if you’re worried about looking into a new publisher and who is pumping out their stories. Worry not. If you’re paying attention as you read the books you’ll notice something VERY distinct about the lead/main characters. This isn’t a typical set of books getting released together/all at once. I’m not sure if it just happened to turn out this way or if it was on purpose. Either way it was refreshing to have TKO’s 2nd Wave of books all feature female leads. So let’s dive in …

Pound for Pound is up first. The team of Natalie Chaidez, Andy Belanger, Daniela Miwa, and Serge Lapointe deliver an aggressive and in your face revenge story. Boasting a very Tarantino-esque film vibe Pound for Pound sits firmly in the “Drive In” movie category for comics. There’s tons of action, over the top situations, and unapologetic violence that manages to tell a story along the way. As with the “grindhouse” type of flicks, this comic tosses quite a bit at readers and does so with the gas pedal to the floorboard the whole time. Were’ talking MMA fighting, cults, a drug infused orgy, cultural mythology, and of course the sweet car shots. It’s everything you’d expect from a USA “Up All Night” action movie. I do feel that the series would have been better served with a few more issues though. That cultural mythology I mentioned would have been much better served and much more effective had it not been an element tossed in like many of the others. A good chunk (if not the majority of) readers likely won’t get anything out of it other than what’s given in the dialogue of the book. With the setting and characters being where the mythology resides in real life, a real depth could have been given to the book here. That aside I don’t have any major gripes with Pound for Pound. I love that the lead is female but everything else about the story and style is just as it would be with a male lead. Very effective character building (for the style/approach chosen) and utilization leads the book to being more than just a page turning punch fest. As the story is closed out you get a very satisfying reveal that drives home the story that this book is telling underneath the eye catching action. That said, in the best ways the art does make you want to flip pages to see what’s next. What’s more is the art and overall look of things fits what this is very well. Given the setting and themes the color work is excellent. The lettering helps to accentuate narrative bits as well as lends to the action with some great SFX.

Pound for Pound entertains and delivers on both the action and storyline fronts. Overall 3.75*

The Banks from Roxane Gay, Ming Doyle, Jordie Bellaire, Ariana Maher, and Sebastian Girner is a multi-generational heist story that doesn’t follow traditional crime tropes. Yes, there’s some of what you’re used to but the veins running through and pumping the life into this family drama aren’t a paint by number recipe you find in way to many books in this genre. We’re given family drama and the kind of situations that (yes, a bit “comic’d” up) drive very real and divisive lines between us. Centered around a trio of African-American women (grandmother, mother, and daughter) The Banks plays out like a 1970s film in all the right ways. From the get go it is clear that the thieving livelihood is just the surface water of a much deeper well. Both the thick of the current day and the past that set it up are given equal due as things unfold into what is truly the heist of a lifetime. All grown up, successful, and powerful in her own right Celia (the daughter), ironically and completely lost on her, has wound up doing something that can do so much more damage than the thieving her grandmother and mother have done for their profession. Sitting atop an investment banking firm she’s a bit lost on reality and hypocritically alienates her family. As with all good crime tales though it all comes out in the wash. The family tragedy isn’t exactly what Celia has believed it to be and the truth sends her on a mission of revenge and reconciliation with her past. Facing the truth of just how much she’s like the women she’s from, Celia learns the hard lessons of understanding just how much of the same fabric runs through her despite how different her experiences have been. While the interaction between Celia and her mother steal the show in an overwhelmingly positive way I can’t help but feel grandma being pushed aside. Not only is there so much more to her but there’s so much more to both Celia and her mother that resides in the matriarch of the Banks family. It’s a minor nag due to the fact that The Banks delivers on the family drama and the criminal level. Getting a family/crime drama isn’t something new but The Banks has found a way to carve out its own place and firmly set itself apart from the rest of the genre. You’ll be in love with each flip of the page thanks to the gorgeous art and color work.

The Banks is an excellent book that serves familiar tropes with a welcomed fresh take. Overall 4.25*

Eve of Extinction from Sal Simeone, Steve Simeone, Nik Virella, Isaac Goodheart, Nik Virella, Ruth Redmond, Ariana Maher, and Maria Nguyen is third in line and for me and winds up as the weakest of the bunch. Don’t get me wrong. There’s plenty of good and some unique/lightly used elements that create the framework for something much better than what was delivered. That’s the issue here. The execution of it all was just underwhelming. What could have been a huge deal for representation was simply ignored. The reason it gets me as much as it does is because this has already been played out in the world of comics and pretty visibly to boot. On the surface it is innocent enough. A plague/virus rains down and affects men. There is zero mention and zero attempt to deal with transgendered men (or women for that matter). It simply isn’t addressed and presumably doesn’t exist in the world of Eve of Extinction. Making it worse is that you’ve got a scene taking place in a zoo (where we get a transformed animal) as well as some theorizing about it being the testosterone in men as the reason for them being targeted. Even with alarm bells signaling the creative team in their very own work they don’t do what needs to be done. That’s just not doable in today’s society. I hate that this is the case because outside of this sits a very nice, and for once realistic in its break neck pace, survival story. Stepping outside of things you’ll find a modge podge of different survival elements and safe tropes that are actually put together pretty well. The art is fantastic and really displays the “Thing” vibe of the monsters. There’s some anime inspiration with some of the action and depiction of the monsters too. Most of all it isn’t just a zombie redux but an actual transformation into a monster that takes place. Usage of the elements and SFX really help the atmosphere and help drive the mood in several places. There are times throughout where the art takes over (positively) and drives things. It’s almost enough to make you forget the big miss. Almost. I’m not going to ride the overbearing tone and act like there’s nothing in Eve of Extinction worth checking out. There is.

It’s too bad this book fails to grab hold of the promise that its premise has. There’s a pretty good survival/horror comic underneath the missed opportunity. Overall 2.75*

Sentient by Jeff Lemire, Gabriel Walta, Steve Wands, and Sebastian Girner closes out Wave 2 for TKO and it is the absolute class of the second set of books. This is a fantastic damn book. Sentient wads up a few of the time tested sci-fi tropes and fires a fastball right down the pipe for a perfect strike to kick off the series. Climate change making Earth uninhabitable? Check. Huge colonization spacecraft as a setting? Check. Tragedy due to radical? Check. Dire situation and the most vulnerable of us left alone? Check. Cut off from any and all help? Check. Only hope of survival from the least expected place? Check. It’s all there and yet we still get a completely new take on things. By the time the first issue ends we’re left with a “crew” of children 13 and under, all of the adults dead, a spacecraft in the Black Zone (zone in space with communication cut off from Earth and new home), and the ship’s AI left to care for everyone left onboard. Woven into this sci-fi tale is the story of family; where we find it and how we define it are at the core of Sentient. Left to themselves (and Mother, the ship’s AI) to survive the book focuses on three characters. We get wonderful character growth as the children all have to learn hard lessons about how tragedy and the actions of others shape us and those around us. It is a gripping look at both the intra and interpersonal perspective we all have to learn as people. I do feel that this could have been bolstered by giving more about the radical group behind the event that left the children space drifting on their own. Other than that there isn’t much more that this book could have put in. Visually it is very fitting of a Lemire written tale. It is aptly sci-fi and futuristic but is more tuned to depict the human story that unfolds. The entirety of the book is just so well done. It’s hard to find a new way to illustrate problems we face in real time. Sentient is an absolute new take on the irreverence through which generational action/inaction sets up the next set of problems for society and tosses the young into the deep end before the swimming lesson.

Masterful work of human struggle crafted with the tools of sci-fi. Overall 4.75*

And here’s the thing folks, you don’t have to take my word for it. TKO is proudly standing behind their work and offering you FREE FIRST ISSUES: … yup! Click the link and you can get the first issue of EVERY TKO series FOR FREE so you can see for yourself just what I’ve been talking about. Treat yo’self and find your new favorite book.


Karla Nappi – Marianna Strychowska – Joshua Reed – Carlos Mangual – Leila del Duca – Owen Gieni

Everyone loves a good story set in the heart of future dystopia. Drawing inspiration from such classic and cult favorites Blade Runner and Minority Report DUPLICANT brings a truly unique vein to the genre. It isn’t just the dystopian take at play in this brilliant project, but the “doomsday plague” that has been insanely popular over the last decade. While it’s been a long standing formula for successful sci-fi and horror projects for decades it has been the resurgence in popularity that has driven some of the best and most creative approaches to it. DUPLICANT found a way to bring both scopes into a singular story and has created something truly original. This 56 page collection of the first two chapters is wrapping up funding in the next 24hrs! It is already blowing through stretch goals (4 extra digital books, bookmark, postcards so far with a sticker set still attainable).

First off, I apologize to the creators of the project. I’m beyond late in getting this out to you folks.

So what exactly is going on with DUPLICANT? The short version is that Earth is hit with an organ failure epidemic. We fail to find a cure for it and find ourselves up that proverbial brown creek with no means of making way. As is one of the best aspects of this project, the book finds a way to bring in another real life hot point (cloning) and use it seamlessly. One of the scientists at the cooperation that failed to find a cure for the epidemic has actually perfected a means of duplicating organs. That’s a big hooray right? Well, as with the real world there’s the rest of the story. Big Tech takes issues with things and through their amalgated front they make it illegal to receive human organ transplants. Taking the one good thing (the ability to duplicate organs) and twisting it into the worst thing, people are now faced with the horror of having their lives at the mercy of Big Tech/Corp/Pharma etc. It is truly such a horrifically real take on realities we live with in the modern world. The realization we see on a day to day basis of corporations, conglomerates, and government is addressed and utilized very well as the overbearing bad guy in the story. I mean what else but ‘the bad guy’ would you call the entity that makes it illegal to save your life through means not controlled by them but then also auctions you off by way of your debt if you can’t afford their means? We are given two avenues through which the horrors of this new world unfold.

Pamela and Matt are the central characters and represent two distinctly different takes on the seizure of control and warping of what is now reality for people. Pamela represents what most people would find as their life in this dystopian future. Her lungs fail and she needs a transplant. The docs look at her account and see that she’s not able to cover things. Off to auction she goes where she gets bought. Now she’s at the mercy of and nothing more than a disposable tool for whomever bought and covered her debt. THAT is a very big reality check for folks. As fictional as the setting is, the themes are just as real. Then there’s Matt. His discovery/innovation should have been a greater good application for humanity. Instead, he’s faced with seeing everything he’s done used as a tool of ultimate evil. His part of the story really adds the depth in layers that DUPLICANT has in spades. On top of the dystopian future brought on by a humanity threatening plague of organ failure, society has now been infiltrated by even more institutional control than before. Your very life is controlled not just by the one that signs the paychecks and those that hold your bills. That has turned into a literal ownership of life. Choosing to use two very common tropes as dissection points for the story has allowed the creative team to dive deep and bring out both horrors we live in today and those sitting on the horizon of society.

The book itself serves the story well and the creative team has integrated it into the storytelling itself. The lines and colors are wonderful and the usage of both the art and structure elements only adds to the overall product. There are a few instances where words blend into the background or page structure slightly confuses the flow of things. However, creatively both the story and structure of the book stand on their own. For readers sensitive to traumatic events there is an instance of rape (the before and after, none of the act is shown). It isn’t a throwaway moment however. It is hard to make a comic that simultaneously uses real world application, theory, and on the cusp possibility effectively without either leaning too hard on one or just using one and running off with it. DUPLICANT is put together extremely well in all aspects. It carefully layers and utilizes the multiple lanes it navigates to create a wholly unique vision within existing genres.


2020 Vision

There’s always a fresh buzz when the calendar turns over and there’s new digits on the date. Resolutions and all sorts of fantasies sprout from everyone. Fitting to have that kind of viewpoint as a comic book fan ain’t it?! Well, it only makes sense to capitalize on this time frame and all the new, fresh air to take a look into the future and share some things we’re excited for this coming year! Using our 2020 Vision we’re able to see some brand new projects that look fantastic, some known books getting brand new storylines, and the continuation of some books we love. All in all we’ve got plenty of reason to be excited about the new year. Join us for a quick run down of several things we’re looking forward to:

Ancient Noise (1st/2nd) – Dust Pirates

The 101 continue their mission to rescue their seemingly abducted comrade, Jack, while Brock resurrects with a taste for revenge and a chorus of madness in his mind. Glimpses of nightmare realities and the beings beyond time and space wait for you in the continuation Ancient Noise. Right off the bat I cannot express how over the moon I am that Ancient Noise will be returning with issues #3 and #4! David Crispino writes the goods while colors will come from Simon Gough and letters by Lauren Tyler Norby. Tony Gregori, one of my favorite artists, does the line work! Ancient Noise is a book that I absolutely love. It is easily one of the best reads out there. Yeah it’s a little outrageous but it’s well written and down right beautiful. As a reminder there’s time travel, space bending, and a sentient gorilla named Silver. I can’t wait to see where the exploration of time, space, and our own evolution takes us with the rest of the series. Tony will also be doing the lines for Dust Pirates with the WORD BROS Bob Frantz/Kevin Cuffe (those Metalshark Bro type folks), Marissa Louise on colors, and Chas Pangburn doing letters. Some Waterworld meets Black Sails with D&D/Mad Max type fantasy elements are all going to crash together. I’m told it will be a fantasy/sci-fi buddy cop movie with lots of real world overtones as two pirates struggle against a warlord who has seized control over the remaining water in Atlantis. Also, the two pirates were actually real pirates so maybe it could also be considered Alt history sci-fi/fantasy? Regardless it all sounds like a whole bunch of hell yes.

Gutter Magic – SOS – Broken Gargoyles

Source Point Press re-released Gutter Magic under their banner as a primer for the new stories that are coming in 2020 with Gutter Magic: Smoke and Mirrors. Rich Douek will be bringing us brand new stories from the world of Gutter Magic with art/colors by Fei Chen (letterer TBD). There’s going to be more magic, more problems – Cinder learns that one of the biggest drawbacks to gaining magical power is all the new enemies you make. I missed Gutter Magic originally but have been able to hop on board with SPP’s re-release. I’m glad they’ve done things this way leading up to the new stories. It’ll all be fresh when Cinder’s new problems manifest.
Rich also has another project and has gotten the Road of Bones band back together. Alex Cormack and Justin Birch take the stage with Rich again as they bring S.O.S. to shelves in 2020. The only thing we’ve got thus far is the teaser (which is enough honestly) and the extremely cold shoulder and tight lips Rich had when I asked if there were any super sweet deets other than the teaser image. I kid, but seriously the Road of Bones crew is bringing us another tour. I’m getting tickets to the show regardless of where they’re holding it.
Rich isn’t the only one having some fun at SPP though. Bob Salley, Stan Yak, Marco Pagnotta, Robert Nugent, and Justin Birch bring us Broken Gargoyles. In a Dieselpunk alternate history, soldiers return from WWI and fight a new battle. Physically scarred by war, the struggle for redemption and revenge will separate brothers in arms. Given the quality of books SPP has been pumping out lately, you really should check them out. This looks to be the perfect place to hop on board.

Letter to Jo – We Are the Dead – Gorilla Tails

Next up is a project from Top Shelf Comics (an IDW imprint). A Letter to Jo will bring us face-to-face with the raging terror of World War II. In this firsthand graphic novel adaptation of a Polish-American machine gunner’s letter home. Kelly Williams‘ (Creepy, Eerie) paint brushes bring this heart-wrenching tale to life. A Letter to Jo is at once a tender love story and harrowing battlefield memoir. Writer Joe Sieracki teams with Williams and Taylor Esposito in this harrowing recounting of a time the world wants to forget, but needs to remember. A LETTER TO JO WILL BE AVAILABLE JANUARY 21st!

Beth Barnett is bringing us another enriching project with We Are The Dead. Aiming for a March release, this new historic take juxtaposes World War I against comics, introducing new readers to poetry written by soldiers as a stark reminder of the brutalities of the Great War. This is sure to be another fantastic graphic piece that helps broaden and enrich our experience with the medium and the history we’re all born from. After Dreamers of the Day I’m beyond excited to get ahold of this.

Successfully Kickstarted, Gorilla My Dreams: Gorilla Tails, from Big Tim Stiles, Ahmed Raafat, and Dennis Tirona, is the second in the Gorilla My Dreams series. Dropping in January this is the perfect book for you if you’ve ever wondered what “Batman: The Animated Series mashed into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles if Saturday morning cartoons came on after 10pm” would look like. You see, in Struggle-Town the streets are protected by Knockaround-Guy, a depressed gorilla who wants to be a superhero. However, when a street mime is found dead (asphyxiated inside an actual invisible box), Knockaround-Guy soon finds himself wading through the ugly and dangerous underbelly of Struggle-Town. I backed the project and can’t wait for it to land for everyone this year.

Scout Comics will be putting Dave Chisholm’s CANOPUS out to shelves starting in February. It’s about a woman who wakes up on an alien planet with no memory beyond an urgency to get home. She and her robot companion explore the planet and her memories gradually return as monsters on the surface of the planet. The ComicbookYeti says “Canopus is so many genres wrapped in one: Thriller. Horror. Science-fiction. Character study. It’s all of them and none of them at the same time.” If Yeti is excited for a book, you should be too … I am.

Coming to Kickstarter in the first half of 2020 will be Re-Animator Incorporated from Andy Perry and Lyndon White (Candles – Unbound). This is going to be 64 full color pages adapting H. P. Lovecraft’s Herbert West: Reanimator. This time around there will be a combining of the classic horror story with sci-fi elements and putting in a little twist or two. The beloved tale asks “What would you do to save a life?” In a desperate attempt to save his son, Herbert West and his colleague Cain successfully discover how to reanimate the dead, but at the cost of losing his son’s soul and opening the door to other realms. This is a reimagining of the characters and the concepts from Lovecraft’s Necronomicon collection exploring philosophical and theological ideas. There’s a balance between Lovecraftian mythology and an introduction to the characters to appeal to fans and those unfamiliar of Lovecraft and his stories. The story is for fans of sci-fi / horror cross-over who like to ponder the metaphysical while seeing bodies being torn apart.

Bog Bodies is coming from Declan Shalvey, Gavin Fullerton, Rebecca Nalty, and Clayton Cowles around the end of April. It goes a little something like this: An Irish gangster, on the run after a job gone wrong, stumbles upon a young woman lost in the Dublin mountains. Injured and unarmed, the unlikely pair must try to evade their pursuers and survive the desolate bog that has served as burial grounds for unspeakable murder throughout history. So some crime, superstition, and perhaps some survival horror? Everything about this sounds phenomenal. Having read through the ashcan I can attest to just how uniquely this book deals with the bleakness of the noir setting.

Rounding out the year our good friends over at PLB Comics are looking to get the next story for John the Swamp Dude out to the masses. Fan favorite PLB Comics character, John the Swamp Dude returns in a brand new epic adventure! Set four months after the cataclysmic events in the ‘Who Killed Mobie Graye?’ one shot, the world has changed for John and his friends. But a new threat emerges, unstoppable and destructive monsters, who are linked to an old foe from John’s past. The Last Outpost #1 begins an exciting new chapter in the John the Swamp Dude saga and is tentatively slated for a late 2020 release. Josh Shockley and James Dufendach are on creative duties.

BHP Comics will be handling the publishing of A Boxer. Launching on Kickstarter January 27th, the creative team behind this book is quite literally award winning. Dominic Archer, Gary Welsh, Marc Casilli, Amanda Miranda, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou bring to life a 100 page graphic novel that tells the story of Mike Shepherd, a British fighter trying to succeed in the hyper-masculine world of boxing while struggling to manage his sexual identity. The book is narrated by Mike’s partner and medical consultant, Jude who faces his own challenges as an openly gay man in the sport. A Boxer details the experience of a homosexual man struggling to find his place between two worlds, feeling himself equally empassioned and alienated by both the boxing and LGBTQ+ communities.

Finger Guns – No One’s Rose

On the Vault Comics front we’ve got Finger Guns landing February 26th. Two troubled teenagers discover they can manipulate emotions by firing finger guns. There will be laughs. There will be tears. There will be uncomfortable teen feelings and angst. Oh yeah… and chaos. So much chaos. From Justin Richards, Val Halvorson, Rebecca Nalty, and Taylor Esposito, Finger Guns is all about emotional maturity. It’s an audacious book that tackles the war between compassion and selfishness. In interviews EIC of Vault, Adrian Wassel, has stated “it’s deceptively brave. You’ll have so much fun, right up until you feel the tears welling.” Given that much of this book is about growing up and whether or not we actually do this description seems to fit.
Vault is also set to launch No Ones Rose in March. Upon first look this is set up to join the monumental worlds that have been built in Vault books such as Heathen, Zojaqan, Wasted Space, She Said Destroy, and Sera and the Royal Stars. The solicit is this: Centuries after the fall of the Anthropocene, the last vestiges of human civilization are housed in a massive domed city powered by renewable energy, known as The Green Zone. Inside lives teenager Tenn Gavrilo, a brilliant bio-engineer who could rebuild the planet. But there’s one problem: her resentful brother Seren is eager to dismantle the precarious utopia. Zac Thompson, Emily Horn, Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque, Raúl Angulo, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou are lining up another epic book over at VC.

Afterlight Comics is finishing up three series and getting follow ups to two others in 2020. It all starts with their first Kickstarter campaign on January 27th!

Though it had a soft release in the last part of 2019 New York City Gallows is getting some freshening up AND the second issue is aiming at Fall 2020 for release. If you’ve read the first issue (which I have, and you should too) then this is all you need to get ready for the follow up issue: Following the events of #1, Cass finds herself at the mercy of The Hangman, now having to rely on the mass murdering vigilante for a way out. Nothing comes free, but if the price is accepted, nothing will be the same for Detective Delaney again. Ben Cook, Robert Ahmad, and DC Hopkins will take us back to the gallows! And hey, check that snazzy logo from Jim Kersey!

Advent Comics is going full steam ahead into decade number two and for us the highlight looks to be Legend & The Vanguard. Global defenders have gathered to aid the Advent Universe’s Original Hero Legend to right a wrong from his past that jeopardizes the entire planet. Formed to protect the planet from a threat nearly a century in the making the newest super team within the Advent Universe leads the way in their very own Cosmos tie-in title! Available as part of the Cosmos #5 Kickstarter beginning in late February/early March.

Mario Candelaria, Adam Ferris, Lesley Atlansky, and John Keaveney finally have schedules synchronized and are in production for their long awaited and officially unannounced sci-fi action adventure. This is a project I’ve been awaiting for some time and cannot wait to see.
Milan Adame is looking to host Word Hollow through Webtoon in the coming year. With characters modeled after the genres of fiction this project sounds quite intriguing. Fact and Fantasy have a close relationship with each other and the universe humans inhabit. Their friendship becomes rocky when humans begin to favor one over the other.
From Beyond Comics is kicking off the new year with the release of Electric Youth on Kickstarter in early February. “It’s 1989 and the city of Irvine, California is the perfect place to raise a family…some might think it’s a little too perfect.”

Pete Doree’s Stan & Jack is looking to have three issues published this year.

Red Stylo Media will be returning to Kickstarter in February with Ninja Bear. What started as a mini-comic giveaway at SDCC will now see its second issue! Also on tap is the annual anthology, this time focusing on Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Bite Me is in the open call stage currently. It will explore the twists and turns of this gothic classic, taking sideways looks at smaller characters, diving deep into throwaway moments, and twisting on the original in new ways.