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The Miracles

The Miracles tells the story of Elliot Morgan, an average teenager coming to the end of his high school career. A massive comic book nerd, he’s obsessed with an old comic that ended on a never-resolved cliffhanger, Major Voltage Adventures. This of course means he’s shocked and delighted when suddenly he discovers that he has … Read more The Miracles

Project: Starless Daydream

PHEW! That’s a hell of a list of contributing creators (links in their name for more from them). Fitting, as this is a hell of a project. Off the heels of pushing his first two comics out into the world with Broken Bear and 20 Fists (one of our 2020 faves) Frankee White has jumped … Read more Project: Starless Daydream

Quick Hits (JAN 2021)

Luke BarnesNick GoodeHarry Hughes A piece of a larger puzzle, Odyssey is futuristic zombie romp. The larger ‘Snow-verse’ that this is part of has seen climate change wipe out pretty much everything. This book hits on the isolated bastions of civilization being infected (literally) from the desolated world outside. The race is on to reach … Read more Quick Hits (JAN 2021)